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When considering short term loans we believe there are several important elements to keep in mind


From time to time in life we are all likely to be presented with an unexpected expense or cost which needs our immediate attention. Whether this is an emergency vet bill or a broken washing machine, there are some things in our day to day lives which we cannot do without. In these instances it may be the case that a small loan is needed to help cover the expense. That’s where we would like to assist you. We are a short term loans lender who has plenty of experience in the market for online loans. In fact our entire team is UK based and as a result has plenty of experience in this market. We think it is important that the lender you choose is able to offer several key features which make a successful and useful loan. Here are the features we offer:

–        A flexible loan product – This means you can apply for the amount you need and our lending team will consider this amount for you. We think it’s important that you only ever apply for the amount you truly need so as to ensure the loan as a whole remains affordable and realistic to your other bills and expenses.

–        A discreet online application process – Our application process can be fully completed online which means you can do so whether is best suited to you and your busy life style. Once the application comes through to our lending department the Underwriters will review the information and deliver their lending decision in a timely manner. Also as your application progresses, we will keep you fully up to date at every step of the way.

–        No fees for applying – Many lenders who offer short term loans actually charge you a fee for submitting an application. We are completely different in that we do not. This means regardless of whether your application turns out to be successful or not, we will not charge you a fee for applying. The same is then said for successful applications, unlike a lot of lenders we will not charge you a fee for getting the funds to your requested bank account as quickly as possible. This means you can be approved for the loan and have it in your bank account in a timely manner without paying extra to do so.

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